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Image of Wire cloth

WIRE CLOTH: Wire cloth acts as a surface type filter (or strainer). It is usually specified by its mesh or what is referred to as mesh count. This indicates the number of openings per linear inch. It does not directly indicate the size of the openings, which can vary depending on the wire diameter. Wire cloth can be cleanable.

Terminology includes the following:

SPACE: Clear opening or space between parallel adjacent wires expressed in inches.

Fill Wires: Wires running the short way of the cloth as woven. Also called “shute” or “shoot” wires.

Warp Wires: Wires running the long way of the cloth a woven.

Square Mesh: Wire cloth with the same mesh count in the fill as in the warp. Also called, “plain weave”.

Rectangular Mesh: Wire cloth with a different mesh count in the fill and the warp. Also called “oblong mesh” or in finer meshes “off count”.