Series 9000 C – Performance Racing Filter (Complete Unit)


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If you want to order a unit with a Viton O-Ring, select the version with -F3 at the end.

Pressure Rating 250 PSI
Flow Rate Up to 9 GPM
Filtration Area 40 SQ. IN.
Weight w/element 12.5 OZ.
Connection Size Clamshell -10/-12/-16
Hex Nut Size 1.25″ / 1.25″ / 1.375″
Overall Length 6.44″ / 6.13″ / 6.5″ OAL
Outer Diameter 2.0″ OD

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 13 in
Micron Size

9-C10-10, 9-C10-25, 9-C10-40, 9-C10-74, 9-C10-149, 9-C10-238, 9-C12-10, 9-C12-25, 9-C12-40, 9-C12-74, 9-C12-149, 9-C12-238, 9-C16-10, 9-C16-25, 9-C16-40, 9-C16-74, 9-C16-149, 9-C16-238, 9-C10-10-F3, 9-C10-25-F3, 9-C10-40-F3, 9-C10-74-F3, 9-C10-149-F3, 9-C10-238-F3, 9-C12-10-F3, 9-C12-25-F3, 9-C12-40-F3, 9-C12-74-F3, 9-C12-149-F3, 9-C12-238-F3, 9-C16-10-F3, 9-C16-25-F3, 9-C16-40-F3, 9-C16-74-F3, 9-C16-149-F3, 9-C16-238-F3